2014 Convention Info
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2014 Competition Info
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Convention Classes
Most regional events on our Tour are 2-day workshops (with 1-2 competition days) and classes held on Saturday and Sunday at the host hotel. The only exception to this is our Summer Intensive and National FInals.

Our Summer Intensive is also considered a regional event and is a 3-day workshop (with a 2 competition days) with classes on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the host hotel. Sample schedules and exact class schedules may be found under the Convention Information page. Sample schedules are replaced by exact class schedules no later than a month prior to each event. 

Our National Finals is primarily a competition event with a limited amount of master classes offered to attendees and is held over a 4-day week during the summer.  Complete Natoinal Information may be found on our National Finals event page. 

During our regional events, convention registrants have the option of enrolling in one of 5 levels of classes: Phaze 1, Phaze 2, Phaze 3, Phaze 4 or the Assistant Teacher/Teacher ballroom. Age guidelines and prices are provided for each room and may be found on our Convention Information page. Although age guidelines are provided, a dancers final placement is at the teacher’s or independent registrant’s discretion and may be based on both the age and ability of each student. In other words, you may register a dancer in a classroom outside their recommended age if you prefer. Our 3-day Summer Event is open to dancers in the Phaze 2, 3, 4 and Assistant Teacher/Teachers Room (Phaze 1 classes are not offered at our Summer Intensive).

Dancers registered in the Phaze 1, 2, 3 & 4 Ballrooms are only permitted to take the convention classes and audition session in their designated ballroom throughout the weekend. Assistant Teachers and Teachers are permitted to take classes in both the Teachers ballroom as well as any of the other classes throughout the weekend. Assistant Teachers must be age 16 or older. Teachers must be age 18 or older.

Studio Registrants may qualify for our Free Teacher Offer based on the total number of dancers registered under their studio. You may read more about the Free Teacher Offer on our Special Offers page.

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