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Photo and Videotaping Policy
Attendees are welcome to take pictures during the convention portion of our event only.  Videotaping will not be permitted during our convention.  The only exception to this rule is for qualifed studio Convention Video Pass holders wearing the appropriate Video Pass band provided by Dupree Dance. 

Videotaping and photography will not be permitted during our competition.  Professional video and photo services will be offered by Same Day Productions of every routine during competition. 

Dupree Dance Convention Video Pass
If you are a Studio Owner/Director and are completing a Studio Registration with 10 or more registered students in Phaze 1-4 Rooms, you are eligible to receive one Dupree Dance Convention Video Pass.  Studio Video Passes are not available for purchase and will not be issued to independent registrants or to studios without at least 10 registered dancers from the Phaze 1, Phaze 2, Phaze 3 or Phaze 4 rooms.  Assistant Teachers and Full-Time Teachers do not count towards the required 10-registered dancer minimum for the Studio Video Pass offer.   
Based on your studio registration numbers, our system will automatically offer qualified studios a Convention Video Pass during the “Discounts and Special Offers” section of the online registration.   Qualified registrants will simple click the Video Pass checkbox stating that they agree to the terms and conditions of our Convention Video Pass Waiver (located at the bottom of this page).  Once this step is complete, a Convention Video Pass will be included in the registration materials that will be picked up on the first morning of the event.

The Studio Video Pass Use During Convention Classes
The Studio Video Pass will enable only a full time, registered teacher from your studio to videotape during convention classes only.  That teacher MUST be wearing your video pass along with the appropriate teacher ballroom registration band while videotaping.  Assistant Teachers may NOT videotape.  Students, observers, or anyone other than the registered Teacher with the required Video Pass may NOT use personal video cameras (including cell phone recorders) at any time in any ballroom during the convention classes. 

Same Day Productions DVD and Photo Services
Dupree Dance has partnered up with Same Day Productions to offer our clients professional DVD and Photo services of all of your competition routines over the weekend!  The DVD and Photo services are turned around that day so you can walk away with your videos before the weekend is over!  

Studio Convention Video Pass Waiver (qualified studios)
In order to protect Dupree Dance, LLC, its Faculty, choreography, class content, as well as dancers taking classes throughout the weekend, each registered studio who qualifies for and receives a Convention Video Pass has read and agreed entirely to uphold each of the above Rules as well as additional Rules and Regulations listed below that are associated with use of the Video Pass.  

*  Dupree Dance Video footage obtained from registered Teachers may be used only by the registered studio’s Faculty for referral to material taught during the workshop.  
*  Video footage obtained during the Dupree Dance workshop may not be posted on Facebook, YouTube, Websites, or any other Web Pages or emails.  Dupree Dance video footage is reserved only for registered Teachers from the qualified studio and any manner of its circulation is prohibited.
*  Video footage obtained during any Dupree Dance workshop may not be duplicated, reproduced or sold to any other studios, independent dancers, or any third party, despite their attendance at the Dupree Dance event where the video footage was taken.

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