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Complimentary Studio Owner/Director Breakfast
If your Owner and/or Director is in attendance at our event, we would like to provide them with an additional name badge to wear throughout the weekend.  We would also like to invite the Owner and/or Director to our private Owner/Director breakfast on Sunday morning from 7:45-8:45 AM in the hotel restaurant. (At our Summer Intensive, the breakfast will be from 8-9 AM) During your online registration process, please provide us with 1-2 names along with their appropriate title, as name badges will be included in your registration packet based on this information. Limit 2 Owner/Director names per studio. Your other registered full time teacher(s) will simply require their convention registration wristbands throughout the weekend and do not need a name badge.  
The Owner/Director breakfast simply our way to say thank you to our valued supporters.  The atmosphere is comfortable and allows owners/directors the opportunity to relax and network if they desire.  It is also a time that Studio Packets are distributed by Dupree Dance.  The Studio Packets contain valuable information regarding our Studio Loyalty Program and other upcoming Dupree Dance events.  Dupree's owner, Kari Anderson, will discuss the contents of the packets briefly during the breakfast.  

Owners/Directors who happen to miss our breakfast are encouraged to stop by the Dupree registration desk on Sunday to obtain their Studio Packet.  If your Owner/Director will not be in attendance at our event, be sure and have a teacher representative stop by the Dupree desk to pick up your Studio Packet.  If you would like to send 1-2 teachers to our complimentary breakfast in place of your Owner/Director(s) at our event, please contact Dupree Dance via email or phone and provide their first/last name and appropriate title.   

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