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Performance/Competitive Dancer Selection
During the convention registration process, you will select a general 'level' for each dancer that you register in the Phaze 1, 2, 3 & 4 rooms. The 'performance' selection will apply to any dancer who trains an average of four hours or less a week. The 'competitive' level will apply to any dancer who trains an average of five or more hours a week. If a dancer falls immediately in-between these two criteria, we ask that the registrant use his/her best discretion when selecting a level for this dancer.

For convention classroom purposes, the performance or competitive level of each dancer is simply gathered, but it will not affect what ballroom (Phaze) you register that dancer in.  As discussed in our "Class Phazes and Guidelines", we leave the discretion to the teacher as to where to place each dancer for classes and recommend that both age and ability be considered during this process.

If/when you choose to enter competition entries, the level of each dancer is considered at this time and our system will automatically place each competition entry in the Performance OR Competitive division based on the spread of the levels of registrants within each entry. If you do not choose to enter competition entries, it is still required that you select a general level for each dancer you register during the convention registration process. The level of a dancer can be edited from year to year, but cannot be altered by Dupree Dance within 2 weeks of our event due to the fact our competition information is completed at that time.

You can visit the Competition Information to read more about how the level of each dancer affects the placement of competition entries within our Performance and Competitive divisions.

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