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Class Levels & Guidelines
For each event, there are 5 levels of classes that dancers may be registered in.  We refer to these levels as Phazes.  Each Phaze has a designated hotel ballroom that the dancers take classes in during each day of the event.  This includes Phaze 1, Phaze 2, Phaze 3, Phaze 4 and the Assistant Teachers/Teachers room.   Age guidelines are provided for each Phaze, but dancers final placement is at the teacher’s or independent registrant’s discretion and may be based on both the age and ability of each student.   If you have any questions regarding what Phaze to place your dancer(s) in, please call Dupree Dance and we will gladly assist you in that process.  

The suggested age guideline for each Phaze/Level is as follows:
Phaze 1 (age 4-7)
Phaze 2 (age 8-11)
Phaze 3 (age 12-14)
Phaze 4 (age 15 & up)
Assistant Teachers (age 16 & up)
Full Time Teachers (must be at least 18 years of age)

Dancers may choose to jump up or down a Phaze after taking a class or two at our events by visiting the Dupree registration desk.  If a dancer decides to change to a different Phaze at the event, we request that this be done by or before 10 AM on the first day of classes.  Refunds are not given if a dancer decides to jump down a Phaze, but dancers will be charged for an upgrade fee if the price of the classroom they are switching to is higher than the Phaze they initially registered for.  

Dancers registered in the Phaze 1, 2, 3 & 4 Rooms are only permitted to take classes in their designated ballroom throughout the weekend.  They may not ‘pick and choose’ classes to attend at different levels.  Convention registered Assistant Teachers and Teachers are permitted to take classes in both the Teachers ballroom and any of the other classes throughout the weekend.   Only registered Assistant Teachers and Teachers will be permitted to attend classes in the Teachers ballroom. The Teachers ballroom is closed to observers.   

If a Teacher from a registered studio does not want to register to take any classes throughout the weekend and does not plan on attending any Teacher ballrom classes, he/she may opt to observe classes in our Phaze 1-4 rooms only but will still need to secure a paid observer band.  Observer bands DO NOT gain access to our teachers ballroom at any time.  The only thing that will gain access to our teachers ballroom is an Assitant or Teachers convention registration band and/or the Owner/Director badge that will be included in your registraton packet (limit of 2 per studio).  The Owner/Director badges are secured during the online registration process. Our "Free Teacher Offer" will be applied to the convention registration fees of any registered Full Time Teacher during the "Discounts and Special Offers" section of our online registration (Our Free Teacher Offer is described in our Special Offers and is for qualified studio registrations only). 

The audition class in each ballroom is closed to observers and registered teachers and is designated only for the dancers who are registered in that ballroom and who are wearing the appropriate colored wristband.  Dancers may not audition in a ballroom in which they are not registered.  Registered Assistant Teachers are permitted to audition along with the Phaze 4 dancers during the designated Phaze 4 ballroom class schedule.   Assistant Teachers are not permitted to observe the Phaze 4 auditions only.  In order for Assistant Teachers to remain in the Phaze 4 audition class, they must plan on taking the audition class.  


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