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Audition Classes / Scholarships
Dupree Dance awards a large amount of scholarships per each event during the Sunday closing ceremony.  Scholarships are awarded in the Phaze 1 room, but there is not a ‘formal audition’ for this age level.  A formal audition class is given for all registered dancers in the Phaze 2, 3 & 4 Ballrooms.  Assistant Teachers will audition along with the Phaze 4 Ballroom.  Auditions are closed to Observers and Teachers.  Only registered students or registered Assistant Teachers wearing the appropriate colored wristband for their Audition are permitted into the Audition class.  

Dancers will demonstrate up to 2 short combinations within their Audition class.  This will consist of either new material or instructors may build upon material that has already been taught in a class prior to the Audition class.  A group of finalists will be selected based on talent and work ethic.  Out of our group of finalists, a select group of dancers from each classroom level will receive one of our scholarship awards that may be used one time at any Dupree Dance event of their choice within 18 months of the date they receive their award. 

On many occasions, additional convention tuition scholarships may be awarded to students who demonstrated great potential and work ethic throughout the weekend.  The additional scholarships are not always selected during the actual audition class per each room and may be nominated by one or more of our Dupree faculty members.

In order to receive a full Dupree Dance convention tuition scholarship, a dancer must be registered for the entire event. 

How will I go about using my scholarship?
Our goal is to make your registration process VERY easy from event to event!  All scholarship(s) and competition voucher(s) won at each event will be entered on your behalf by Dupree Dance immediately following the event in which they were received.  They will be assigned under the specific online studio or independent profile used to register for the event in which the scholarship/voucher was received.  This means YOU MUST USE THE SAME USERNAME (email address) ON FUTURE REGISTRATIONS in order for our system to recognize the award(s) for your studio.  This will not only be very convenient for you, but it will eliminate the need for you to keep up with forms as well! The scholarship forms are simply keepsakes for the dancers.  

How do scholarships work? 
A scholarship is non-transferable and is assigned directly to the specific dancer who won the award.  If a dancer who won a scholarship under your studio would like to attend any Dupree Dance event on his/her own, they are welcome to do so.  In this event, the studio may choose to register them under their studio profile, or the dancer may contact us and we will move their scholarship from the studio profile to an independent profile that allows them to register themselves.  If a dancer receives a scholarship at an event where they were independently registered, we will also be happy to move that scholarship under a studio profile per request of the scholarship winner.  At your next Dupree event, once you add a students name to your convention registration who has not already redeemed his/her scholarship, our system will recognize the winners name and prompt you to select to either ‘apply ½ scholarship’ or ‘apply scholarship’ (depending on what type of scholarship they were awarded).  Once you select to apply the award, our system will adjust the convention fees accordingly.  There is also an option to ‘hold the scholarship’, as some dancers choose to wait and use their award towards registration for our 3-day Summer Intensive.  

What are the various types of scholarships awarded? 
HALF CONVENTION SCHOLARSHIPS: A half convention scholarships will cover 50% of the convention tuition registration for the classroom level of choice and may be used one time only within 18 months from awarded date.  The recipient may choose use his/her scholarship towards any 2-day event or towards our 3-day Summer Intensive in Chicago!  

FULL CONVENTION SCHOLARSHIPS: A full convention scholarship will cover the full convention tuition for the classroom level of choice and may be used one time only within 18 months from awarded date.  The recipient may choose use his/her scholarship at any 2-day event or at our 3-day Summer Intensive in Chicago!  If a student wins a scholarship in a lower level ballroom, but chooses to use his/her scholarship to attend a class in the next level ballroom, there is not an upgrade fee involved.  

ALL STAR SCHOLARSHIPS:  Our All Star scholarship covers the full convention tuition for the classroom level of choice specifically at our 3-day Summer Intensive in Chicago, IL and may be used one time.   This award must be used at the first Summer Intensive that directly follows the event in which they won the All Star Award (dancers do not have the option to skip to the following summer to use their award).  If a dancer who won an All Star scholarship is unable to attend the Summer Intensive as an All Star, we ask that he/she call Dupree Dance to find out more about how they can still take advantage of their scholarship. 

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