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Set Up

State of the art, Harlequin Marley flooring is used for competition.

Our stage dimensions are 2.6 feet (or 32 inches) high X 48 feed wide X 36 feet deep.  Of the 48 feet width, 12 feet is wing space (6 feet on each side) which leaves an ‘visible’ dance space of 36 feet wide for the dancers.  For studios who ‘tape off’ their own dance floor to prepare for our event, a safe dimension would be 36 feet wide X 34 feet deep due to the fact we encourage dancers to not utilize the 1 foot of space closest to the front (downstage) or backdrop (upstage) of our stage. 

The following information is regarding the wing space and number of wings on both stage right and stage left.  Our first side curtain will sit approximately 12 feet back from the front of our stage (creating a large, downstage wing #1).   A secondary curtain will sit approximately 8 feet back from the first one (creating a slightly smaller middle wing #2).   This leaves a large, upstage wing #3.  Dancers will have the ability to exit our downstage or center wing and curve around to gain access to alternate wings on the same side of the stage.  Dancers who have 'crossovers' during choreogpraphy (ie:  they exit stage right and re-enter stage left) will have direct access to 2 staircases located off both our middle and upstage wings on each side.  They will use the ground-level space behind our stage to access the alternate side.  We do recommend routines that have crossovers alert our Dupree backstage coordinators so that they can make sure backstage access is cleared at all times. 

There is no need to worry about a lack of room for your production routines or whether or not you can gain easy access on and off stage for dances requiring a prop set up.  Our backstage coordinators work with you to make sure your needs are met at all times! 

Dancers are responsible for lining themselves up prior to each routine. Dancers are to be ready 30 minutes prior to their estimated performance time provided on the Dupree Dance line-up. If competition runs ahead of schedule, dancers will be expected to perform early. 

Dancers must remain outside the “Dancers Entrance/Exit” designated at each event until a few numbers prior to their assigned performance order.  1 dancer from each routine must ‘check in’ backstage with a Dupree line-up coordinator within 3 numbers from their performance.  At that time, the coordinator will let that dancer know whether or not to gather the group backstage at that time or remain behind our Dancers Entrance.
Only Teachers/Choreographers representing the routine on stage will be allowed the option of viewing the performance from behind the stage right or left wing. Other dancers or observers from the same studio are NOT permitted to view their studios routines from the stage right or left wing. This area must remain clear and free for the use of the performers on stage. 
As a courtesy to dancers on stage, Parents & Observers must remain quiet and must stay seated in the audience area during each number and are asked to wait until between numbers to exit/enter the competition. Parents & Observers may not use the designated “Dancers Entrance/Exit” during competition. 

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