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  DIAMOND   284 - 300       DIAMOND   290 - 300  
  PLATINUM   272 - 283.9       PLATINUM   279 - 289.9  
  GOLD   260- 271.9       GOLD   268 - 278.9  
  SILVER   248 - 259.9       SILVER   255 - 267.9  
  BRONZE   247.9 & UNDER       BRONZE   254.9 & UNDER  

There will be a panel of highly qualified and diverse Dupree Dance judges per each routine.  2-3 audio/video critiques per routine will be provided during competition.  The audio/video critiques will be distributed to the studio owner/director/choreographer or independent registrant on the last day of the event.  At times, the Dupree faculty member(s) providing audio critiques may vary depending on the style of routine that is being performed.  Despite the potential variance in what Dupree faculty members provide audio critiques per routine,  the same exact 3 judges are responsible for providing scores for a particular age/level/division during competition.  If a judge providing scores is not providing audio critique for any given number, he/she will be providing written critiques at that time for that routine. 

Although entries are competing against an adjudicated point system for individual awards, all contestants in the Mini, Junior, Teen and Senior age divisions will compete against each other in their age and level division for the Overall High Score awards.  

Three judges adjudicate each routine in one of five areas.  Each judge considers the following criteria:  
1.    Technique (max of 25 points)
2.    Presentation/Artistry (max of 20 points)
3.    Routine (max of 20 points)
4.    Age Appropriate (max of 15 points)
5.    Overall Impression (max of 20 points)

In the event of a tie, three areas are compared to break the tie.  Technique is first, then Presentation/Artistry and finally the Overall Impression.  If two or more routines are still tied once these three areas are compared, a tie will be awarded.  


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