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No dangerous props may be used during the competition (swords, fire, etc). General props are allowed, but must be taken on and off the stage within two minutes total. No liquid, gel, aerosol, glitter, or similar substance that would affect the dancing surface is allowed unless specifically approved by Dupree Dance. Special fog or smoke is not permitted unless specifically approved by Dupree Dance. It is the sole responsibility of each studio to ensure that its props are taken on and off stage. Dupree Dance staff cannot help with props. It is also the studio’s responsibility to ensure that the stage is completely clean and clear after the routine is finished. Props cannot be ‘housed’ in the ballroom and may only be brought on stage after the number prior to your performance is complete. If a Dupree Dance staff member approves, smaller props may be housed against the wall in the competition room within 5 numbers of the routine in which they will be used. For safety, it is recommended that dancers not stand directly vertical on a prop that is higher than 6 feet. Props that stand above 10 feet are not guaranteed to fit on the Dupree Dance competition floor. Dupree Dance is not responsible for and will not supply power. 

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