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The final competition line-up(s) will be posted on our website by or before the Tuesday prior to each event date.  The line-up(s) will be located on the event page for each city.  Dupree Dance will communicate with studio and independent registrants via email before this time regarding the specifc line-up(s) for your event.  It is very important that registrants check their email periodically the two weeks prior to your event regarding line-up information. 

A limited number of free copies of the final competition line-up(s) will be provided at the event approximately 1 hour prior to the start of competition.   Occasional program additions or small changes may occur after the line-up is posted on the Tuesday prior to the event date.   These changes will NOT affect the competition entry number that is posted for each routine on the Tuesday prior to the event date.  Line-up changes made within several days of the event may not be reflected in the programs at the event, but will be announced correctly by the competition emcee. 

Dancers are responsible for lining themselves up prior to each routine. Dancers are to be ready 30 minutes prior to their estimated performance time provided on the Dupree Dance line-up. If competition runs ahead of schedule, dancers will be expected to perform early.

Dancers must remain outside the “Dancers Entrance/Exit” designated at each event until a few numbers prior to their assigned performance order.  1 dancer from each routine must ‘check in’ backstage with a Dupree line-up coordinator within 3 numbers from their performance.  At that time, the coordinator will let that dancer know whether or not to gather the group backstage at that time or remain behind our Dancers Entrance.
Only Teachers/Choreographers representing the routine on stage will be allowed the option of viewing the performance from behind the stage right or left wing. Other dancers or observers from the same studio are NOT permitted to view their studios routines from the stage right or left wing. This area must remain clear and free for the use of the performers on stage.
As a courtesy to dancers on stage, Parents & Observers must remain quiet and must stay seated in the audience area during each number and are asked to wait until between numbers to exit/enter the competition. Parents & Observers may not use the designated “Dancers Entrance/Exit” during competition.

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