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Competition Information


Regional Awards / Rules

The information below primarily encompasses the awards/rules at our regional competitions.  Please visit our National Finals event page to obtain a complete list of the additional awards and rules unique to our National Finals competition.   

In cities with longer regional competition line-ups, Dupree Dance will hold the Mini Age Division Awards Ceremony prior to the first or second scheduled intermission.  Our Mini Awards Ceremony will include any routines with an average age of 8 or younger.  The Awards Ceremony for all other routines will be held at the conclusion of that evening’s competition.  

All acts will receive one trophy per act and individual award tags (for each dancer in the routine) that they will be able to add to a gifted Dupree Dance necklace that will be provided during the convention registration check-in process at our event

Individual Awards:
Each routine will receive a Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze award based on the total number of points received from the judges.   

Overall Awards:
Overall Awards will be presented at each competition for both the Performance and Competitive Levels in the Mini, Junior, Teen and Senior Age Divisions.  The amount of Overall Awards given in each level and age division is contingent on the amount of entries in that particular level and age division and is as follows.  

0-4 routines = top 3 overall scores awarded
5-9 routines = top 4 overall scores awarded
10-14 routines = top 5 overall scores awarded
15-19 routines = top 6 overall scores awarded
20-24 routines = top 7 overall scores awarded
25-29 routines = top 8 overall scores awarded
30-34 routines = top 9 overall scores awarded
35 or more routines = top 10 overall scores awarded

At both the Performance and Competitive levels, we will award our overall soloists in each age division.  At both the Performance as well as Competitive levels, we combine the duos & trios in each age division for overall awards.  At both the Performance and Competitive levels, we typically combine all Group & Line routines in each age division for overall awards.   At both the Performance and Competitive levels, we typically separate our overall Production routine awards from the overall Super Production routine awards in each age division.  In the event that we receive a lower amount of Production and Super Production entries, we may combine these two categories in each age and level division for overall awards.

Dancer Variance Rule (Regional Competitions)
During regional competitions, studio numbers may not receive more than one Overall Award in the same age & competition level division unless they have a 1-dancer change.  Exception:  If an age division is comprised solely of the exact same dancers from the same studio, more than one overall for the same group of dancers may be awarded. 

Example: If the exact same group of dancers are the ONLY studio performing in a particular level/age/division then the dancer variance rule is lifted, and our system will allow multiple overall placements for that group per our overall awards criteria on number of trophies distributed.  However, if 1 or more unique group entries compete against that exact same group of dancers, then our dancer variance rule is in effect and the exact same group of dancers in that level/age/division will only be eligible for 1 overall trophy. 

Dancer Variance Rule (National Finals)
During our National Finals, our Dancer Variance rule is as follows.  Studio numbers may not receive more than one Overall Award in the same age, competition level and dance category unless they have a 1-dancer change.  Example:  A small group routine with the exact same dancers cannot compete 2 jazz routines and win an overall for each (Only 1 of their jazz routines would be eligible for an Overall Award).  However, the exact same set of dancers can compete a small lyrical group routine and a small jazz group routine and both routines WILL be eligible for an overall award.  

Competition Vouchers (Regional Competitions):
Each 1st place overall award in both the Performance and Competitive divisions will receive a competition voucher (to be used within 18 months) providing there is a total of 5 or more entries within their overall age division.  A $50.00 competition voucher will be awarded to the highest scoring solo entry as well as the highest scoring duo/trio entry in each age and level division.  A $150.00 competition voucher will be awarded to the highest scoring group/line, production and super production entry in each age and level division.  

Competition vouchers must be used within 18 months of the date awarded and lie within the studio profile or independent profile who registered the routine.  The value of the voucher may be split between Dupree Dance events if desired, but the total value must be used within 18 months from the date awarded.  During the online registration process, you will have the option to use only a portion of your competition voucher amount if desired and our system will hold the remainder voucher amount until the appropriate expiration date.  

During National Finals, a combination of cash awards and cash vouchers are given to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Overall Winners in each age, level and division.  Please refer to our National Finals page for complete National Finals rules/regulations/award information.  

Special Awards:  
A large amount of Special Awards is given at each competition to various routines by our judges.  Our judges personally nominate and distribute the Special Awards prior to the announcement of Individual Awards.  Special Awards may be given for a variety of reasons including (but not limited to) costuming, staging, choreography, artistry, showmanship and audience appeal.    

Heart Of Gold Award:
Beginning in 2017, Dupree Dance will be a partnering competition with iDance4aCURE in an effort to unite the dance community in the fight against childhood cancer. 

About iDance4aCURE
iDance4aCURE began with one dance studio, a few dance moms and several young dancers who were determined to make a difference in the fight against childhood cancer.   From just one dance marathon, they grew into an international movement that continues to unite the dance community by bringing awareness, but most important, raising much needed funds for childhood cancer research.  

iDance4aCURE believes that the power of a dancer should never be underestimated.   Through dance, they are saving young lives.   To date, iDance4aCURE events have contributed over a quarter of a million dollars to less toxic childhood cancer research and their goal is to donate one million.  

iDance4aCURE has provided us with a very special award to nominate at our Dupree Dance regional and national events, and we hope you will you join us in #OURFIGHT! To learn more about how you can get involved in iDance4aCURE, visit www.idance4acure.org.

About the Heart Of Gold award
The “Heart of Gold” Award is a new and prestigious award presented at partnering dance competitions and dance conventions across the nation.   Through our participation with iDance4aCURE, Dupree Dance judges are looking for solo dancers who show the MOST heart, soul and passion in their performance.   The Heart Of Gold award is not in direct correlation to the individual or overall scores at competition, it’s ALL about dancing from the heart!

*  One Heart of Gold award may be presented in each soloist age category (regardless of dance genre).
*  The winner(s) will receive a “Heart of Gold” medal and letter.
*  The winner(s) name and dance studio will be posted on the “Heart of Gold” winners page as well as the Dupree Dance website event page following each event.  
*  The winner(s) have the opportunity to submit their winning solo to the iDance4aCURE YouTube channel for a chance to win a special prize this August in Los Angeles, CA! Please visit the iDance4aCURE page for updated information.

Additional Competition Rules: 

Teacher rule
Registered teachers age 18 and older are welcome to compete and are eligible for Individual awards only.  Any routine containing a registered teacher will not be eligible for an Overall Award.  

Assistant Teacher rule
Assistant Teachers ages 20 and older are welcome to compete and are eligible for Individual awards only.  Any routine containing a registered Assistant Teacher who is 20 years of age or older will not be eligible for an Overall Awards.  
Assistant Teachers age 19 and younger are welcome to compete and are eligible for both Individual and Overall Awards.  

Adult routine rule
Any routine with an average age of 20 or higher is considered an adult routine and is eligible for Individual awards only. 
All competing dancers must be prepared to present proof of age should a question arise. 

Incomplete Routine Rule:  A 10 point deduction will be in effect for a routine that is not completed by a dancer or group of dancers due to memory mistake(s). "Not completed" is defined as exiting the stage before the routine is finished.  The routine will be scored from the time it started up until the point the dancer(s) exit the stage.  The tabulator will note the 10 point deduction (10 points total, not per judge) on the score sheet(s) per our Incomplete Routine rule.  IF TIME PERMITS, that routine may be given the opportunity to reperform but will not be rescored.   If a dancer or group of dancers forget one portion of their routine but remain on stage and complete the routine, our incomplete routine rule is not in effect.  In this case, the judges will take the portion of the routine that was forgotten into consideration and that will be reflected in their individual scores.  

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