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Additional Rules / Regulations

Dancers are responsible for lining themselves up prior to each routine they perform in. 
All numbers must appear according to their scheduled sequence unless a Dupree staff member grants permission otherwise. 
Competing dancers should be ready 30 minutes prior to their scheduled competition time. If the competition runs ahead of schedule, each dancer will be expected to perform early. Estimated performance times are provided on the line-up that is posted on our website no later than the Tuesday prior to the competition. 
Photography and videotaping is strictly prohibited during competition.  The Studio Convention Video Pass may NOT be used during competition at any time.  You may read more about our Studio Convention Video Pass rules/regulations under the Convention Information portion of our website by clicking on the Videotaping Policy menu option. 

Professional DVD and Photo Services of all your competition routines will be offered by Same Day Productions.  The DVD and photo services are turned around that day so you can walk away with your videos before the weekend is over. 
In the event that Dupree Dance equipment fails, the studio may choose to continue their routine or re-do the number. If any part of a routine fails (choreography, costuming, props, etc) or if the performer(s) forget a portion of their routine, the performance must be continued or withdrawn entirely. Dancers will not be given the opportunity to re-perform for any reason other than a mistake on the part of Dupree Dance. 
All Dupree Dance attendees authorize the use of their images in photos and video for any and all Dupree Dance production purposes. 
If dance movements, music lyrics, or costuming are deemed to be too suggestive or otherwise inappropriate for our family audience, or if the music contains vulgar or inappropriate lyrics, the routine will be scored lower by the judges.
Dancers and routines may compete in more than one city.
Competition routines that compete at our Summer Intensive do not have to pre-qualify at any other Dupree event. New and repeat entries are accepted at each competition on Tour and are judged based on their performance in that particular city only. 

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