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Per our Regional Competition Entry Limit rules, studio registrants are permitted to ‘secure’ up to 20 competition entries during the online registration process.  Within the max number of secured routines, up to 5 routines can be solo, duo or trio entries.  The other secured entries must consist of group, line, production or super production routines. 

Based on the total amount of pre-secured and pre-registered competition entries received by or before the registration deadline and our event set up needs, there may be room for Dupree Dance to accept additional competition entry requests.  If a studio would like to request additional numbers past the secured limit for their registration, they must enter these numbers by using the “Add a Additional Requested Routine (pending approval)” option during their online competition registration.  Please read the example at the bottom of this page in order to understand your options when entering additional requested entries. 

Additional requested entries will be approved/declined by Dupree Dance via phone or email within 1 business week after the registration deadline.  Payment for the additional entries is not due until the routines are accepted, but the information for additional requested routines must be entered during the registration process in order to be considered.  Registrants will only pay for their ‘secured’ routines during their initial competition registration process.   

If a client has more than 5 solos, duos and trios and an ‘all or nothing’ acceptance policy on those routines, we do ask that he/she utilize the ‘Additional Requested Routine (pending approval)’ option during the online registration process when entering ALL of their solo, duo, trio entries.  We assume that anything entered by the client is the ‘secured routine’ area will NOT be pulled from his/her line-up if all or some of the additional requested routines are declined. 

Example:  A client has a total of 20 routines.  12 are group routines and 8 are either solo, duo or trio entries.  There can be one of two approaches when entering your solo, duo or trio competition routines during the online registration process.  Please read each scenerio below to choose what best fits your needs. 

Scenerio 1 (I definitely want to secure 5 of my solo, duo or trio entries): 
If you plan on leaving your 5 secured solo, duo or trio entries in the line up regardless of Dupree’s ability to approve the additional 3 entries, then our system will automatically prompt use of the ‘additional requested routine (pending approval)’ after you enter the first 5 solo, duo or trio entries during the online registration process.  In this case, be sure and enter the 5 solo, duo or trio entries that you plan on securing FIRST, followed by the 3 solo, duo or trio routines that will fall into the additional requested status (pending approval).  You will only pay for your secured routines.  The remaining 3 solo, duo or trio entires can be payed for after Dupree reaches out to you regarding their ability to accept them. 

Scenerio 2 (I have more than 5 entries that are solo, duo or trios and an 'all or nothing' acceptance policy.  If all 8 solo, duo, trio routines cannot perform, then I don't want any of them to perform):
Per the example above, if you have an ‘all or nothing’ acceptance policy for your 8 solo, duo or trio routines, you will enter your 12 group routines in the secured competition registration and then  click on the ‘additional requested routine (pending approval)’ option before entering each of your 8 solo, duo or trio entries during the online registration process.  You will not pay us for any of your 8 solo, duo or trio routines until we reach out to you regarding our ability to accept them.  You will only pay for your secured group entries. 

Requests for additional group/line/production/super production routines will be given priority over requests for additional solo/duo/trio entries.  Loyalty Program studios will be first approved when considering the Additional Requested entries for an event, followed by studios that meet or beat the registration deadline for that event (first registered, first served basis).  

Once Dupree Dance approves the additional entries, the registrant has up until the event date to take care of payment for those routines.  Fees for additional requested routines that are accepted by Dupree Dance must be payable by credit card, cashier’s check or money order.  A 3% processing fee will apply for credit card payments.  Do NOT mail a payment within one week of our event date.   If a client has a late payment or a payment for Additional Requested Routines and would like to pay with a cashiers check or money order within 1 week of our event, we request that he/she pay at the event.  


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