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Brian Stevens
Brian Stevens grew up in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and received training from numerous instructors locally and across the nation. Throughout his training, Brian has won numerous overall awards, competition titles, and scholarships including Tremaine, Dupree, L.A. Dance Magic, West Coast Dance Explosion, Jump, Adrenaline, and Co. Dance. He has danced under scholarships at the Broadway Dance Centre and various dance intensives from East to West Coast. Throughout his school years, Brian traveled as an assistant instructor for conventions such as Dupree Dance and Tremaine.
Brian tours the country as a freelance choreographer and choreographs and teaches for KJ dance Designs in Plano, TX. His choreography for groups, solos, duets and trios has been recognized with many choreography awards and numerous overall titles. His most recent endeavor is the national launch of his costume company Artistic Dance Designs.  He has a passion for dance and he loves sharing his knowledge and creativity with his students. His work is unique and his approach in the classroom is inspiring to all!

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