Inclement Weather and Unforeseen Circumstance Policy

If the Dupree Dance faculty is able to arrive to the host event, the event will go on regardless of the weather conditions. If an extenuating weather or unforeseen circumstance arises and Dupree Dance cancels an event and it is not rescheduled, FULL Refunds will be issued.  If the event is rescheduled, no refunds will be given.  Should an extenuating circumstance arise, please check the website and/or your email address that you registered under for any event updates. 

We encourage you to exercise caution and make any necessary travel arrangements so that you will not have any problems making it to the event. Furthermore, no refunds will be given on any Dupree Dance expenses. Please keep an eye on the local and national weather forecasts so that you are prepared for any inclement weather.  In the event of poor conditions, Dupree Dance will put an announcement on our phone line at 888-498-2998 with an update in the EXTREME case of cancellation.  

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