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I don’t attend a studio. Can I still register for the workshop?

Yes! Dupree welcomes independent entries to sign up for the workshop.

I attend a studio, but they can’t make it to Dupree Dance this year. I’d still love to come. Can I register myself?

Yes, you are welcome to register as an independent dancer. Feel free to let us know what studio you are from on the ‘notes’ section during the online registration process.

I’m only interested in coming to the workshop classes. Do I have to compete?

Dancers are not required to compete in order to participate in the workshop. However, dancers ARE required to be registered for the workshop in order to register for competition.

Do observer passes need to be purchased in advance?

Dupree recommends that you pre-register for observer passes, but they will be available for purchase at the event is space permits. The observer pass is $25 for any observer in the Phaze 2, 3 or 4 rooms if pre-secured during our online registration process. Observer bands will be $35 at the event.

Do you accept personal or studio checks for registrations?

No. Our payment options include credit card, cashier’s check or money order only. There is a 3% processing fee on credit card payments. All cashier’s checks or money orders MUST be postmarked by or before the registration deadline for your city in order to avoid late fees per dancer.

If I want to pay with a cashier’s check or credit card, do I still submit my registration online?

Yes, you must submit your entire registration online and select ‘cashier’s check’ or ‘money order’ on the payment options. We will receive your information and you will mail your payment to our offices by the registration deadline for your city. Payments that are postmarked after the registration deadline will be subject to late fees.

I am a parent and have two dancers registered for the event. One is in the Phaze 1 room and the other is in the Phaze 3 room. Will I need to wear 2 passes?

Yes, You will need to purchase a $25 observer pass and also request an additional Phaze 1 observer pass. You will need to wear both of these during the event.

I registered my studio for the workshop and competition by/before the deadline. It is now past the deadline, but I want to add another dancer and also add another routine. How do I go about doing this and do late fees apply?

Any dancer added to your registration after the registration deadline will be subject to an additional $10 fee for their convention registration fee. If you want to add any dancer to an ‘existing routine’ (one that is already registered) you may do so with no extra charge and will only pay the normal competition fee for that routine. If you want to add an entirely new routine after the deadline, it will be subject to an additional $10 fee per routine (not per dancer).

My daughters (dancers) age technically falls into your Phaze 2 class recommendation, but is very advanced for her age. Can she register for the Phaze 3 class?

Yes, we definitely want each dancer to feel challenged and to get a much as possible out of the convention classes. If the dancer or dancer’s teacher feels that he/she is ready for the next level of classes, the dancer is welcome to register for the next ballroom despite their age. Dancers are required to audition in the ballroom (level) in which they are registered under.

Can I choose to ‘upgrade’ my dancer to the next level (Phaze) at the event?

Yes, you are welcome to upgrade at the event, but must switch to your final level by 10 AM on the first day of the workshop classes. You will be subject to an upgrade fee if there is a difference in the convention pricing to the ballroom (level) you switch to. If you decide to go down a level, you may do so but will not be refunded if the pricing of the ballroom is lower than what you originally registered for.

Can I register for your event onsite (at-the-door)?

Yes, you are welcome to register for our convention classes at the event if space permits. We do not accept competition registration at the event.

I don’t take tap or hip-hop. Can I choose to take a class in another ballroom (Phaze) while the tap and hip-hop classes are being taught in my ballroom?

No. Dancers must stay in the ballroom in which they are registered for all workshop classes. The only registrants that are permitted to take class in various rooms are the Assistant Teachers and Teachers. Wristbands will be checked frequently by our Dupree staff to ensure rules are being followed.

How many Dupree faculty members will be teaching at the event?

Dupree brings a total of 6 faculty members to each 2-day event and a total of 8 faculty members to the 3-day Summer Intensive. On the rare occasion that a faculty member is called away for another professional choreography/performing job, Dupree will replace him/her with another Dupree faculty member or equally qualified professional.

I have a Dupree Dance scholarship. How do I go about registering for the event?

Dupree Dance enters your scholarship under your registration profile following each event. You will use our online registration process and select ‘apply scholarship‘ to the event of your choice within 18 months of your award. Scholarships are for convention tuition only. Any competition fees would be an additional charge.

I was unable to use my Convention Scholarship within the 18-month period after I received it. Can I get an extension and still use it after this time?

No, all scholarships awarded MUST be used within the 18 month period after they were awarded. No exceptions.

Where do I go to check in after I arrive at Dupree Dance?

Studio Owners and Directors & independent registrants will visit the Dupree registration desk between 7-7:45 AM to pick up their entire studio’s registration packet on the first morning of the event. Dancers do not to check in individually at the Dupree desk unless they are registered independently.

What types of classes are offered?

Dupree Dance is proud to offer a wide variety of dance styles and levels including (but not limited to) Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Jazz Funk, Musical Theatre, Technique, and Audition Classes.

Does Dupree Dance provide lunch for the dancers?

We always do our best to make sure there are food options available at our venues for purchase. When there aren’t easily accessible restaurants, delis, etc., concession stands will be available for lunch on Saturday and Sunday. We recommend that dancers bring water and snacks for in between classes. We will inform studio owners/directors and independent registrants of the specific food options at their event on the Monday or Tuesday prior to their event date.

When are the Dupree Dance scholarship auditions?

Typically, the Phaze 3 Audition takes place on Saturday right before or right after the lunch break. The Phaze 2 and Phaze 4 Auditions typically take place on Sunday prior to the lunch break. Schedules may vary slightly in each city. Dupree Dance does not formally audition the Phaze 1 dancers, but we do award scholarships to this level as well.

Can Studio Owners/Directors or parents observe the Audition Class?

No. We keep the Audition classes closed and only permit the dancers registered in that ballroom to be present during the Audition class. It takes away a lot of the pressure from the dancers and helps them focus on the material being taught. We keep the Audition class environment friendly and always aim to teach the students tools to help them become better at the audition process during the Audition class.

What is the Student Showcase on Sunday at the end of the classes?

The Student Showcase is referring to the material that the dancers learn during the last class of their designated ballroom. After the last class ends, all dancers will gather together in the Phaze 4 Room at 1:55 to perform (as a group) for one another. This is just a fun way for us to end our convention and it gives the dancers and opportunity to support one another and show off for the parents and observers! Pictures will also be taken during this time of each group for us to post on our Dupree Dance facebook! The Dupree Faculty Routine and Scholarship Presentation follow the Student Showcase. This process moves quickly and the convention is typically over by/before 3 PM.

Am I allowed to videotape my dancer(s) or the Dupree faculty during classes?

No. Dupree Dance has a strict NO VIDEOTAPING policy. The ONLY exception to this rule is for Studio Owners/Directors who have qualified and received the Studio Video Pass that allows ONLY a registered teacher to videotape while wearing the specified pass.

Am I allowed to take photos of my dancer(s) in class?

We welcome you to take pictures of your dancer during class, but please ask that non-flash photography be used when the dancers are in motion. However, due to the advancing technology of video on cameras and cell phones, we ask that the pictures be taken quickly and that you NOT hold your camera up for anything but a brief moment to capture your picture.

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