Competition FAQ

If I register as an independent, can I still compete a solo?

Yes! Independent soloists are also permitted to register for the competition providing they are convention registered. Dupree Dance limits 1 solo per registered dancer.

When will I know if my cities solo, duo, trio competition starts on Friday night?

Dupree Dance will be able to confirm specific competition details within 2 weeks prior to the event. In select cities, some or all of the solo/duo/trio competition may begin on Friday.

My teacher can’t arrive until late Friday evening, but I compete my solo at 5 PM. Will I still be able to perform?

Yes. We understand that traveling on a Friday may mean that students and teachers don’t all arrive at the same time. If you are competing on Friday and you or your teacher cannot turn in the music 1 hour prior to the start of Friday’s competition, please email or call Dupree Dance during the week prior to your event. You will be permitted to email the music to Dupree or you may choose to personally turn in your music within a half hour prior to your estimated performance time.

Are there copies of the competition order available at the event?

Yes, Dupree provides free copies of the competition program at the event. Copies will be available approximately one hour prior to the start of competition.

I need to add another dancer into a routine that I have already registered. How do I go about doing this?

That is not a problem. You will need to call or email Dupree Dance so that they may update your registration and balance. If you add a dancer into a routine that was registered by/before our deadline, you will only be responsible for paying for the competition fee for that dancer (late fees will not apply).

I accidentally left off a competition routine on my original registration. Can I add a new routine? How do I go about doing this?

You will need to call or email Dupree Dance to see if there is room for your entry. In most cases, adding one more routine is not a problem. Any routines added past the registration deadline are subject to a $10 fee per routine (not per dancer).

The competition in my city has 120 routines and has an estimated awards ceremony at 10 PM. Are the youngest dancers able to receive their awards early?

Yes. In every city with a longer competition line-up, the Intro Age Division (average age of 8 or younger) has an Awards Ceremony prior to the first or second intermission. For this reason, Dupree Dance will always include the Intro age routines within the first 40-80 numbers in the competition line-up.

Am I allowed to take pictures during the competition?

Unless Dupree Dance has arranged for a photo service at your event, you are welcome to take non-flash photography during the competition. We do ask that the audience stay seated and to make sure they do not obstruct viewing while taking pictures. Due to the advancing technology of video on cameras and cell phones, we ask that the pictures be taken quickly and that you NOT hold your camera up for anything but a brief moment to capture your picture.

Am I allowed to videotape during the competition?

No. Dupree Dance has a strict NO VIDEOTAPING policy. The ONLY exception to this rule is for Studio Owners/Directors who have qualified and received the Studio Video Pass that allows ONLY one representative from their studio to sit in a designated area in order to videotape ONLY their routines during competition. This is done to protect the rights of the choreographer, to protect the children’s safety and integrity of our event. Your full cooperation is expected and appreciated. Violation to this rule may result in your routines eligibility for overall awards.

I am registering a group dance and only one dancer takes dance 5 hours a week. Does this mean I still have to register this routine under your “Competitive Level”?

Yes. Every dancer in the routine has to train for 4 hours a week or less in order for you to enter a routine in our Performance Level.

Does Dupree award Overalls in both the Performance and Competitive Levels?

Yes, each level has it’s own Individual and Overall Awards. The routines will perform in a mixed order during the competition. At awards, the Performance and Competitive dances will be announced separately.

How do I go about submitting my competition music?

Dupree Dance will communicate via email with all studio owners/directors and independents registrants as to whether or not their city has a Friday night competition for some/all of the solo, duo and trio routines. Once you have received your cities information, you will submit your FRIDAY competition music on individual CD’s (One CD per entry) to the Dupree Registration desk 1 hour prior to the start of Friday’s competition. You will submit your SATURDAY competition music on ONE CD and turn it into the Dupree Registration desk between 8-10 AM on Saturday. Saturday’s music is downloaded into a master playlist, so having all your Saturday music on one CD assists us in this process. You will need to turn in a Track Order Form to accompany your Saturday competition CD. Track Order Forms may be obtained from our website under the Competition Information page. If all your Saturday competition music will not fit on one CD, you may submit a second CD. Just be sure to include a second track order form along with your second CD. Studio names should be written directly on the CD.

Is the Dupree Dance competition stage elevated?

No. Our stage is floor level, which makes props much easier to transport on/off stage. State of the art harlequin (marley) flooring is laid over a wooden subfloor. A wing will be located on both the stage right and stage left for dancers to use to enter/exit from.

What are the stage dimensions for competition?

Our floor measures 36 wide X 32 deep.

Do you charge observer fees for competition?

No, our competition is free of charge and open to any/all observers.

I am 10 years old but chose to register for classes in the Phaze 3 room. Does this mean I compete with older dancers as well?

No, our competition age divisions are strict and based solely on the average age of the dancers in each routine.

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